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When your entire banking system is leveraged by 26 to 1, as is Europes, even a 4 drop in asset values renders the system insolvent.
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This program bought an uptick in economic growth for just six months before Japans GDP growth rolled over again.But Japan is now officially in the End Game from Central Banking.EU GDP growth has flat-lined at barely positive.Japan, which has been ground zero for Keynesian insanity, is back in technical recession.Both countries are sinking into deflation at a time when their respective Central Banks have little if any ammo left.The country has no spela gratis online blackjack spela choice but to continue to implement QE or else it will go crash in a matter of months.If youre an investor who wants to increase your wealth dramatically, then you need to take out a trial subscription to our paid premium investment newsletter.Europe is not far behind.But the economy is having serious difficulty fending off deflation.Heck, we just closed out another 30 winner yesterday!And if you go back further, 46 of our last 47 trades have made money.Between these two banking systems alone, youve got the makings of a global financial crisis at least on par with 2008.
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The world is lurching towards another Crash.