La noire första vice fall slot machine

la noire första vice fall slot machine

The radio will open to reveal 50,000 cash, Morphine Syrettes, a Number Slip, a bag of weed, and a sticker from Ramez Removals.
Roy Earle "it's up the stairs, Detectives.
Interview Merlon Ottie Question Response Evidence Army surplus morphine Lie Finkelstein identified IOU note slot maskiner för skojs skull edmonton from Ramez Truth Link to Lenny Finklestein Doubt Note: If you have found all the evidence up to this point, you will only ask the first two questions here.Go to the suitcase and grab the trumpet mute (bottom right open it and you will find Numbers Racket.Examine the victims left arm to find track marks. .Use Phone, numbers Operation: Examine all the telephones on the table.Polar Bear Ice Company: The crate in back contains the stolen morphine.Go inside and check the block of ice.In the back is a set of stairs up to a landing where Lenny.Chase them through the factory and kill his men.Question #2 Link to Ramez Removals: Doubt.Go to the man lying on the floor and look in his pockets, you will take out a wallet and there will be a Radio Station Note in the right pocket.Question #2 IOU Note from Jose Ramez: Truth.After that, a cutscene will ensue wherein the Polar Bear Ice Company delivery truck pulls up and Ramez runs inside.Jermaine Jones' Booking Agency Climb the stairs and go into the office, the first door on the left.At the same time, halfway into the chase, you end up in a giant freezer.
There is also a popcorn cup from the Black Caesar.
It will be on the second floor, all the way at the end of the porch.