Slot maskin konst yugioh

slot maskin konst yugioh

Fortunately, Yugi and the others accepted her for who she was, claiming she was a welcomed addition to the group.
Unfortunately, her father was a horrible drunkard (and was very abusive when drunk so he and her mother ended up getting a divorce, Setsuna and Midori (Setsas sister) leaving with her.Name: Setsuna: calm snow; one who is very idealistic, sensitive, and inspirational.She also has a habit of putting everyone elses needs before her own, especially when it comes to friends and family.Strengths: sweet, loving, loyal, determined, de bästa online blackjack kasinot willing, intelligent, ingenuitive, passionate, honest.Il critico e scrittore Roberto Gramiccia ha da poco pubblicato da Deriveapprodi un saggio intitolato "Slot art machine" che si è fatto notare per la fermezza della vis polemica e per ricchezza di analisi.Pokemons 197 Pins, yugiohnÁticos 281 Pins, more ideas from Rosane.A couple years later, when Setsuna was in tenth grade (and shortly after the Duelist Kingdom Tournament the four of them moved into Domino City.She doesnt particularly enjoy dressing like a girl, but deals with it if she has.Her interest in the game evolved further, when she met Yugi and the gang and started learning about its Ancient Egyptian past.She enjoys a good joke just as much as the next person, and likes getting to know new people.She despises the fact that her bum is bigger than her bust, but has come to terms with that she is fairly well-built with a decent chest size.Least Favorite Food: spicy/sour foods, seafood, cooked spinach.Proportions: SiD (86cm-68cm-94cm oUaM (89cm-68cm-96cm dotR (91cm-71cm-96cm).Weight: SiD 132lbs (60kg OUaM 136lbs (61.7kg DotR 140lbs (63.5kg).She uses traps and spells to destroy monsters and do damage, while waiting for the cards to summon her most fearsome beasts.Shed taken part in a few small tournaments for school and stuff, but never any huge ones like Duelist Kingdom.Harp: a musical instrument; one who is self-reliant, creative in practical ways, and an independent, diligent worker.Started Playing: at age ten Battle Theme: Johto Olivine Lighthouse Remix (Regular) Deck: Dark/Strategy Deck Name: Wicked Haven Favorite Cards: Summoned Skull, The Wicked Eraser Strategies: She loves playing tricks on her opponents and messing with their minds.Favorite Food: chicken, apples, cereal, bacon/ham, pork fried rice, brownies.Shes also extremely klutzy and very self-conscious of her pale complexion both of which she was also picked on for.C'è qualcosa o qualcuno da salvare?
Name: Setsuna Harp, birthday: May 19th (Taurus age: SiD 15 16, OUaM 17, DotR.