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This could indicate training in infiltration and espionage, and may provide further leads to his identity.
The song consists of Houston saying "Don't act dumb!" (or through his distinctive accent, "Don ac dum!" ) over and over again in various remixed beats.
Houston seems to have a certain level of attachment to his mask when he was filling in for Hoxton.
This is what I normally do; but you need to arrive several hours before the game to find an open space (I go to the tailgate.).His life style turned him to a life of cons and burglary.He was present at the break-out of Hoxton and that, and subsequently acquired security footage, seems to hint at a level of animosity between the two men.Because the return of the former Hoxton was not yet planned during the Web Series's (and by extension, payday 2's ) production, Houston was temporarily given the mantle before eventually gaining his own alias.Based on his character descriptions and"s, Houston seems to have some level of dislike towards large crowds of civilians (dominating) or having to talk with people he's unfamiliar with (pagers and is easy to frustrate when things don't go according to plan.Another option is to park for free South of the loop, on the side streets along Kirby.If you're nice enough, people will invite you to their tailgate where there's plenty of food and drinks.The name also doubled as a sly jab from Hoxton, referencing the colliqualism "Houston, we have a problem referencing their shared animosity.His debts grew, as did his collection of enemies from years of being a swindler.DataVox can assist with the design and implementation of a sound masking solution for any type of facility.Houston in further detail.This role is replaced by Twitch in the real heist.Or you can park anywhere along the rail line or where the metro runs." C-c-can you speak a little louder?Every Memorial Day weekend, Ennis hosts the National Polka Festival.In payday 2 and the Web Series, he's portrayed by Derek Ray.Re: No parking at Houston Texans?Conversely, as of Update 97, Houston now has lines that insult Hoxton directly, such as "Teabag" and the other expletives that Hoxton uses, like "Dickhead".Houston is seen casino spel online gratis wielding an FN scar-L in the same trailer, though given the weaponry seen in the live-action videos of payday 2 differs wildly from the in-game roster, this is not unusual.He'd better stop taking my stuff or we'll have a problem." ) Before the release of Hoxton Breakout, Houston's alias and mask were both that of Hoxton.
He needed to gather larger and larger sums of money to keep the loan sharks at bay.